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    Defensive Tactics Empty Defensive Tactics

    Post  Jon B Bad on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:27 am

    Everyone who plays Tribal Wars will be faced with attacks sooner or later. Good defensive tactics can upset the attacker's plans completely by not losing a single village or immediately retaking any village that has been lost. This can require a lot of hard work and commitment from the defender and support from his/her tribe. You are well advised to prepare yourself in advance with solid, basic defense knowledge. Tactics like: when to dodge, what units to defend with, and how to build defensive villages can help the inexperienced player out in a tight spot.


    The art of dodging is a very valuable skill that every Tribal Wars player must know. Dodging is the act of moving your troops out of your village to protect them from an enemy attack. Mastering this skill does not take much, but keeping up with multiple attacks at once and knowing when and where to dodge will keep you busy for a long time. This skill requires a lot of attention to detail, and here is why.

    First, to dodge you must know what units are coming your way. Through either your estimation based off of previous attack times of this player or using TW Stats. Once you have determined the slowest unit, you have to evaluate whether or not to dodge. Two things go into this evaluation. First is their points. If they have far more points than you, then it's probably safe to assume that they have far more troops than you can handle defending against. At this point you will want to dodge regardless of the time of the attack, unless you know that you can beat the attack, simply because if all of your troops get wiped out, it's game over. Secondly, if the distance between your city and their city is calculated properly, you will know whether they are sending rams, catapults, or nobles which will give you the information you need to decide on a course of action. If the enemy is simply sending troops such as infantry and cavalry, then all they can take from you are resources, and if you spend them all before the enemy attack hits, they won't get anything. If the enemy is sending rams, catapults, or a noble, then they are either intending to destroy your city, or prepare to take it over, in which case you might as well defend as if you dodge it, there may not be anything for your troops to come back to.

    Now protecting your troops is only half the dodging skill, you must also learn how to keep your resources while stopping your enemy from stealing them from you. The hiding place is not a great "hiding place" as it may infer. In the early stages it can act as a deterrent, and you should use it to help to that end. Remember that the hiding place can only store up to 2000 of each resource at its maximum level. The best way to keep your resource safe is to put them into constructing new buildings and training new troops. Put all that you can into these things, and if you still have more resources that you cant spend, as a last resort you can try sending them to someone in your tribe via your market if free trade has been enabled.

    One last form of dodging is used to stop noble trains from taking your village. To dodge these you must first understand a basic noble train set up. They usually consist of 5 attacks, the first is a nuke (See: Offensive Tactics), and the next 4-5 will have a noble in them. The typical way for people to set up the noble train is to have the most offense in the first attack, which will weaken your defense drastically, and then come with a smaller offense in the remaining attacks. When you dodge, you should try to get your troops to dodge the nuke and then recall them directly after so that you can defend and hopefully kill the nobles that come after it, this is called sniping. Mind you a smart player might switch up their strategy and send a fake attack with a very small force in the first attack, and have the nuke in the second attack, predicting that you'll follow the strategy said here. So in the end, trust your instinct and do what you feel will work best against your opponent.

    If your opponent is very skilled, he may send catapults in the first attack to destroy your rally point. This removes your ability to recall your troops to stop the last few nobles. To avoid this, make sure you recall your troops before the first attack hits. You can then still defend against the last attacks.

    Dodging is an important skill to know, and is very useful for offensive and defensive players alike. You must anticipate your enemy's move and counter it to achieve victory. With the right tools and timing you will defend your villages against noble trains and stop your enemies from destroying you.

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