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    Troop Set-Up Empty Troop Set-Up

    Post  Jon B Bad on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:35 am

    Defensive villages

    Include the use of:

    * 4,005 Spears
    * 3,250 Archers
    * 2,000 Heavy Cavalry
    * 100 Scouts

    Keep in mind that the above set ups are only one version for each type of world. Play with the simulator in the Rally point to find other combinations. This set up takes the least amount of time to rebuild for the impact that it has on an offensive enemy. It takes 1+ full nukes to take out this set up with heavy losses on the attackers side.

    Offensive villages

    * 6,109 Axemen
    * 2,800 Light Cavalry
    * 300 Mounted Archers
    * 250 Rams or catapults
    * 1-4 Nobles

    The most powerful offensive attacking squad is 15K axes and some light cavalry, but the time it takes to build this set up is much too long and is ineffective when you look at what you can do with the same time frame for both attacks. The way this offensive village is set up is the normal nuke set up, you may use your own set up, but the most effective for money and time is this way.

    Many players mix up their villages and have 'Support' Nukes. Some of these nukes include:

    * 3,400 Heavy Cavalry - very good at supporting a village under attack and good attacking power to support a nobleman.
    * 4,100 Mounted Archers (Archer worlds only) - many players lack defence against archers so a Mounted Archer nuke often catches player off guard.
    * 2,600 Catapults - Used mainly for clearing small amounts of troops and attacking villages you do not want to noble. (You would not usually want to noble a village that has a small farm as you just destroyed it)


    You can use nobles in both defensive and offensive villages. I prefer to put them in the offensive because my nobles have a strong escort. If you know you are going into dangerous territory and need instant defense, using your defensive villages with nobles allows you to get in and be prepared to defend against enemies. Either way is fine, and it is up to you and where you plan to be nobling.

    By Xanadux


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