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    Sending Support Empty Sending Support

    Post  Jon B Bad on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:40 am

    (also posted in "Support" section)

    When you send support there are several ways to do it, and a few ways not to do it. You must know what the enemy is using, figure out the risk of your village or tribe mate. Once you gather all this information you can send your troops knowing that they will be serving to their utmost efficiency. You can do Long term Supporting, Temporary support, and stacking support, each have their bonuses and tactics involved. You must decide what kind of support you will be sending, and this is what you need to know.

    Long Term supporting is the sending of troops to another one of your villages or an allies village knowing that you won't do anything with those troops until the person you are supporting sends them back. This can be useful for them as they will be certain that they have troops defending them allowing them to be more aggressive on the front lines of war, or build their village with little worry of losing it. This defense is your Spears, Swords, Archers, and, if you feel like it is necessary, your paladin. When you do send long term support remember to keep track of where you sent them so you can get them back when they are no longer needed. People will forget about it.

    Another type of support is your temporary or emergency support. This is support consisting only of Heavy Cavalry which have the best defense and speed per unit. Some people will build villages only of HC, or they will have them mixed with their long term support villages, it does not matter. You send this support when your ally or village is under attack and needs immediate support. You can send this before your Long term support so you can have support there until the real support arrives. That is not required though and you can just send the Heavy Cavalry.

    Perhaps the support that costs you the least amount of resources is stacking defense. This strategy requires that you and your tribe send many units each to a village or player to support him. Depending on the size of the attacking player and the situation, you may need around 20,000 to 30,000 troops for any ordinary attempt to noble and hundreds of thousands for a heavy front line attack.

    Defending is a very important part of this world, when you defend correctly your enemy can not beat you and you will be able to destroy him once he wastes his troop on your defense. All three defense types have their place and are all effective in their place. Use it wisely, and good luck out there.

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